Current Bubble/Kite Conditions for Toronto/Beaches
Best kite wind:  ENE - SW, basically any wind off the lake between 9km/h - 20km/h. The steadier the better.
Best bubble conditions: winds below10km/h or sheltered areas, off the lake is usually better/cleaner in terms of being particulate free. 80% to 100% humidity is best, 65% - 79% is ok, 50% - 64% is not very good, and anything below 50% is probably too dry for bubbling.



Kits - $20/kit

1- bubble wand (2' or 3' loop on 36" bamboo sticks)

1- 470ml bottle of concentrate  

That's a 2' loop used
                             to make those




Wands, loops, and concentrate may be purchased separately.

Wands:  2' or 3' loop on 36" bamboo sticks - $10
              4' loop on 48" bamboo sticks - $15
              5' loop on 60" bamboo sticks - $17                      
              5' garland loop (with 8 small loops, creates a storm of
                  bubbles) on 60" bamboo sticks - $20

Loops only (you supply sticks/poles):
              2' or 3' loops - $8
              4' loops - $10
              5' loops - $12
              5' garland with 8 small loops - $15
As the loop size increases, the bubble size increases but the wand becomes heavier, more difficult to use and requires better conditions. The 4 foot is definitely not for little kids since it's kind of heavy. 2' loops work best through the widest range of conditions.



Bubble concentrate: 470ml bottle - $10

The entire bottle of concentrate is mixed with 1 gallon/3.74 liters of water (you supply the water and bucket, preferably a bucket with a lid for storing unused mixture. In place of a lid, you can use a plastic shower cap). Check the mixing video for instructions.

Best 'bubbling' conditions:
the higher the humidity, the better and air as free of dust, pollen, smoke, and bugs as possible.





To purchase within the greater Toronto area or for purchase and shipping within Canada, contact - Steve